What do HMO Tenants Want? How to Make Your Property Stand Out

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

HMO properties in England are becoming more popular among young professionals who are looking for affordable housing in high-demand areas like England. However, with more landlords opting for this type of investment, knowing how to market your HMO property is key to your success.

No wonder that you may be asking “what do HMO tenants want?” because making sure your property stands out from competitors is crucial. Especially when it comes to attracting great tenants and maximising your revenue.

But how can you improve the appeal of your HMO?

The answer lies in understanding what your HMO tenants want. If you can ensure your property offers prospective tenants exactly what they’re looking for, you’ll have the advantage over rival HMO landlords in England.

What do HMO tenants want?

That’s a question that we can answer!

  1. Spacious Rooms

One of the most important things HMO tenants look for is space. Nobody wants to live in crowded conditions. Double bedrooms will always be more popular than single bedrooms, and the bonus for you is that you can charge a higher rent.

Remember that, even though you’re likely to be renting your rooms fully furnished, your tenants will bring belongings of their own, and they will need storage. Consider investing in smart storage solutions for your tenants’ convenience.

2. Private Ensuites

Sharing a bathroom can cause issues for HMO tenants, especially when living with strangers. Most of us value our privacy, so it makes sense that HMO rooms with an ensuite will always be more popular with prospective tenants.

Private bathrooms let your tenants feel more comfortable and can also eliminate some of the common problems associated with communal living. Nobody will get frustrated having to wait to use the shower or become irritated if housemates’ cleanliness standards differ from their own. Happy tenants are likely to stay for longer, so this investment can increase your profits in the long term.

3. Outdoor Spaces

Many HMOs are in city centres where outdoor spaces are at a premium. So, having an outside area for tenants to enjoy can make your HMO property stand out. Investing in a property with a garden or even just a small courtyard can pay dividends, since prospective residents will appreciate having somewhere to sit and relax on warm days.

Consider putting some effort into planning your HMO’s outdoor space with suitable lighting, seating, and a barbecue area. Make the space as visually appealing as possible with evergreen shrubs or faux potted plants and your property will become instantly more attractive.

4. Attractive And Modern Interiors

Don’t underestimate the importance of homeliness when attracting tenants to your HMO in England. Remember that prospective tenants will get their first impression of your property from online images. Immediately they’ll get an idea of whether it’s somewhere they would like to live. Enhance the visual appeal of your interior spaces by adding cosy touches like rugs, throws, cushions, and artwork, and you’ll see more enquiries come in.

5. Technological Options

We are increasingly moving towards the smart home concept, so by investing in the latest technology, you will attract more young professionals who demand all modern conveniences. Offering a streaming service like Netflix as standard within their monthly rent, installing USB ports in rooms, and supplying a Wi-Fi booster to each tenant will bring the property up to date and increase its appeal.

Reliable HMO Property Management in England

While making these changes can make an enormous difference to the appeal of your HMO property in England, don’t overlook the importance of reliable HMO property management when setting your property apart from others.

Tenants want to have confidence that any issues they experience will be addressed immediately and that their home will be well managed and maintained. Using a trusted property management company in England that specialises in HMOs, like The HMO Network will give you and your tenants peace of mind that everything is in safe hands. To find out more about our HMO property management services, get in touch with our team today. You can reach us on 01245 835859 or at neil@charlesdavidcasson.co.uk.