Lifting The Lid On Toilets And Ensuites For HMO Landlords!

Apr 12, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Over the past few years, there has been a change in HMO tenants’ expectations and many young professionals are seeking out HMOs in England that have a high standard of amenities, with ensuite bathrooms high on their list of priorities!

We know that this isn’t the most attractive of topics, but if you own a HMO in England, you will almost certainly find that adding ensuite bathrooms to your tenants’ rooms will attract a good standard of tenant to your property, and interest is likely to be high. So, it’s important you know the facts to take advantage of this.

What Does The Law Say About HMO Bathrooms And Toilets?
  • The law requires a single toilet to be provided for every 3-4 occupants that share facilities in a HMO.
  • In properties with over 4 occupants, a toilet with sink must be provided for every 5 occupants as well as the main bathrooms.
  • The toilet must have an easy-to-clean ceiling and floor with a smooth, impervious surface, and floors must have a slip-resistant coating.
  • All toilets should be located inside the building and be accessible from the common areas, no more than a single floor away from the occupants.
  • All separate toilets must be equipped with a hand basin with a suitable splash-back and taps must provide adequate and constant hot and cold water.
  • Adequate ventilation and heating must be provided in any room that contains washing facilities.
Is There A Law About Ensuite Bathrooms For HMOs?

There is no law that requires HMO landlords in England to provide an ensuite toilet for tenants, however, in a recent survey, 53% of prospective HMO tenants reported that they wanted an ensuite bathroom of their own. With that in mind, it makes sense to try to fill that demand to make your property more desirable.

How Can I Add Ensuites To My HMO?

It isn’t always possible to add ensuites to every bedroom in your HMO. Smaller rooms may become less marketable if adding an ensuite means that storage space is limited or only a single bed will fit.

If a room is large enough to accommodate a bathroom, the space must still be used carefully so that tenants don’t struggle to access or move around in their ensuite.

A minimum ensuite size should be no less than 1.12m2. There are restrictions surrounding minimum bathroom sizes in HMOs as follows:

  • A toilet with a hand basin – 1.2m2
  • Only a shower – 1.7m2
  • A shower and hand basin – 2.0m2
  • A shower, toilet, and hand basin – 2.2m2
  • Only a bath – 2.3m2
  • A bath and hand basin – 2.5m2
  • A bath, toilet, and hand basin – 2.8m2

Costs will vary but you can expect to pay around £2,450 to install an ensuite toilet, and around £4,000 if you want to add a shower or small bath as well. The good news is that there is usually no need to apply for planning permission for an ensuite.

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