How To Manage A HMO Property To Create A Positive Tenant Experience: Tips And Best Practices

Aug 23, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Owning a HMO in England can be lucrative as a business venture, but for it to be successful, you should ensure that your tenants are enjoying a positive experience.

One of the trickiest aspects of HMO property management is keeping your properties occupied, but when tenants are happy, it suddenly becomes a lot easier. With this in mind, let’s look at how to manage a HMO property and ensure it’s desirable to prospective tenants and their top choice for long-term living.

Provide A Clear and Concise Lease Agreement

One of the most important aspects of HMO property management in England is providing tenants with a concise and clear lease agreement. Well-drafted leases will prevent any future disputes or misunderstandings since they will clarify both the tenant and landlord’s obligations. As a HMO landlord, ensure that your lease clearly outlines the term, the monthly rental amount, the date it should be paid on, and any late fees that will be charged.

Ensure Prompt Responses to Requests

Communicating effectively lies at the heart of positive tenant experiences. Ensure that you’re responding promptly to any tenant concerns and enquiries, and that you’ve provided them with clear details about how to deal with any maintenance issues they may experience.

Have Respect For Privacy

HMO landlords in England must respect their tenants’ personal space and privacy. That means that you must give sufficient notice in advance of any maintenance visits or inspections.

Always Be Consistent And Fair

It goes without saying that tenants need to feel as if they’re being treated fairly. Consistently enforcing the terms of the lease and handling any disputes fairly will build up trust and ensure the most positive experience for your tenants.

Carry Out Repairs Efficiently

A key HMO landlord responsibility is ensuring the property is in a good state of repair and properly maintained. However, issues will, inevitably, arise from time to time. When they do, your tenants should be confident that you will be ready to address them efficiently and promptly. Be speedy in your response and ensure all repairs are thoroughly completed to the satisfaction of your tenants. If you fail to entirely resolve maintenance problems, tenants will become frustrated. Therefore, having a system in place for following up and tracking maintenance requests makes sense.

Incentivise Long-Term Leases

One strategy that can prove beneficial to both tenants and landlords is incentivising long-term leases. Tenants can enjoy the feeling of security that comes with knowing they have a place to live for the foreseeable future while landlords can benefit from the stability that having a long-term tenant provides. Rent discounts can make your HMO in England more appealing to those who are seeking a long-term housing solution.

What are the Benefits of Keeping Tenants in my HMO Happy?

HMO landlords in England who create the best possible experience for their HMO tenants will reap the benefits.

You will benefit from a higher retention rate which reduces void periods and minimises the cost of finding new tenants. Not only that, but you’re likely to find that happy tenants treat your property with more care and are more likely to report any issues with maintenance promptly. That means you’ll spend less overall on repairs and reduce the chances of significant property damage. Even better, tenants who feel satisfied with their rental experience will be far more likely to make payment of their rent in full and on time, improving your cash flow while reducing the risk of missed or late payments.

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