Can I Transfer A HMO Licence?

Apr 12, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

If you’re a HMO landlord in England ready to sell your property, you may wonder whether you can transfer your existing HMO licence to its next owner.
Alternatively, you may be considering taking over an existing HMO in England and be wondering whether you can simplify the process by getting the existing licence transferred into your name.
The bad news is that HMO licence transfers are not possible.

Here’s why:

Why Can’t HMO Licences Be Transferred?

A HMO licence can’t be transferred between owners if a property is bought and sold because the licence applies only to the property in question, not its owner. If a property is changing hands, its new owner is required to make an application for their own HMO licence, even when there is currently a licence in place for the existing owner.

HMO licences are unable to be transferred between individuals because the council is required to assess the ability of the property’s new owner to meet all the necessary HMO standards from cleanliness to fire safety. Just because the existing owner can meet those criteria doesn’t necessarily mean that a new owner will have the capabilities to do so.
Potential Changes Must Be Taken Into Account

Not only must the local council assess whether the HMOs new owner will be able to meet the licence requirements, they must also bear in mind the property’s condition and if any changes have been made since granting the previous HMO licence.
Furthermore, a change of owners could mean a change in the property’s usage, and that could have an impact on whether it is suitable to be granted an HMO licence.

As an example, a new owner could have a plan to turn the property into another type of dwelling, or there may have been a change in the local planning regulations that mean the property no longer meets the HMO licencing criteria.

Making An HMO Licence Application

Since a HMO licence is unable to be transferred between owners, it’s essential for the new owner to make an application for their own HMO licence immediately after taking over the ownership of the HMO.

The good news is that if the property is currently licenced and you are not planning any changes to the property’s usage, it is very likely that you will be granted your licence speedily so that you can start finding the perfect tenants.

It’s still important to check that the property is compliant with the licensing requirements before you make your application, though, and that you are familiar with all the regulations that are in place.

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